Visualization & Chart Preview


The Visualization and Chart Preview section is where you build your charts and graphs. When using the Drag & Drop Mode you can simply add the fields from your data source structure on the left to the Measures and Dimensions on the right to build your charts.






Fields you add to Measures typically contain quantitative data, such as numbers or decimals. These metrics will be displayed on the Y-Axis of your chart. When dropping a field into Measures you will be able to change the aggregation type of this field in the field editor on the right side of the screen and as well define limits or conditions for these metrics.




Columns of your table containing categorical data can be added to the Dimensions to split up your Measures into single categories, such as country, channel and also time. The categories of your fields will be displayed on the X-Axis of your chart. To change the grouping or date format of your dimension use the field editor on the right side.




Adding a field to Decompose allows you to additionally split up your dimension by another field containing categorical data, such as marketing channel or gender. Similar to fields in Dimension you may group or deselect single values and variables for fields in Decompose.




Fields in the Filter by allow you to narrow down the data shown in your charts. You can basically use any field to filter the result set of your query, such as Date, Text or Number fields. Use the Field Editor on the right to select or deselect specific values or to apply conditions to the data in your chart.