Customize UI Features in Viewer Portal

There are multiple options available to customize UI features in the viewer portal.


All the properties in this section are optional.


You can choose the language of the user by declaring a “language”property, such as the following:



"language": "german"



These are the possible values: English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Slovak, Portuguese, Czech, Croatian, Chinese, Danish. The default language is English.


You can also edit particular UI configurations under the section “userConfig”.


If no special properties are set, the default UI behavior will be applied which is the same as a user logs in directly in our viewer portal (


"userConfig": {

"predefinedDashboard": "sales_dashbaord",

"filterBar": true,

"toolBar": true,

"refreshEnabled": true,


"filtersEnabled": true,

"exportEnabled": true,
"customLogPath": "somePath",

"dashboardInteractivity": true



If your datapine account is white labeled, you can also set some additional properties under “whiteLabel” to enable/disable some additional UI features.


"whiteLabel": {

export: {
sendEmail: false

dashboard: {
export: false
buttons: {
fullscreen: false


If the user is a power viewer you can add this configuration to indicate which chart galleries can be used:


"viewerConfig": {

"galleries" : [
"sales gallery",

"marketing gallery"



To admins and editors this configuration will not be applied as it is only for the viewer portal UI.