Numeric Value Filter

This type of filter allows you to filter your dashboard for single numeric values or multiple values.


For example:


a) Show the data for Customer ID 123456


b) Filter the dashboard by the Age Group 20-30 years


Setup a Numeric Value Filter


  1. In the Create Filter popup, click on the Values Tab.
  2. Select a name for your filter.
  3. Switch to single select if you wish to apply only single values to your data.
  4. Select the values you wish to be applied to your dashboard. You can either select all or individual values from the list below. You can also use the search box above to search for specific values.
  5. Choose whether you wish to hide this filter on the dashboard. Selecting this option will still apply the tagged values but will not be shown to Viewers on the dashboard.
  6. Click Apply and the Filter will be added to your filter panel on your dashboard tab.

how to set up a numeric value filter in datapine