Dynamic Text Boxes & Images

Dynamic Textboxes are a great feature to add more interactivity to your dashboards. This type of chart only works with SQL queries but can display dynamic string values and images that can be filtered on your dashboard.


 dynamic text boxes created with datapine


Create a dynamic textbox


In case you wish to display the current date on your dashboard you can use a dynamic textbox. All you need for that is a data source with a date field that will work as a placeholder in the query. Using our demo data base you can use the following query to put a dynamic textbox containing the date on to your dashboard.

Select Date(`Sales`.`Date`), Date(NOW())

From `Sales`

Limit 1;



create dynamic text box in datapine


Please follow these steps to visualize a string value as dynamic text:


  1. Open the Chart Creator and switch to SQL mode with a click on the SQL Box in the right upper menu above the chart preview.
  2. Paste the query into the SQL box, select a data source and run your query.
  3. Now select the chart type Dynamic Text and select the respective string in the X-Axis dimension.
  4. Run the query one more time and apply all changes.


Create a dynamic image


datapines dynamic textboxes can also display images using an URL. Follow the instructions below to learn how to display filterable images on your dashboards.


In case you do not have your images as URL yet, you can simply upload them in datapine and generate an URL that you can use in the SQL query.


  1. Go to your dashboard and enable the edit mode with a click on the edit icon in the right upper corner of your dashboard.
  2. Click on Add Image in the Dashboard Tool bar.
  3. In the Insert Image popup, upload the images you wish to use for the dynamic images.
  4. Right click on the uploaded image and copy the image URL.

In your SQL query you may now add the URLs to your chart. Try to use the following SQL query on our demo database.