Update Database


Sometimes it is necessary to change the schema of your database to adjust to new requirements over time. In case your data schema has changed, whether a new table or field has been added, you’ll need to update your database manually to reflect those changes in datapine too. The following steps demonstrate how to fetch the changes in your database schema and populate them to your data source structure in datapine.


  1. Click on Connect to get to the data sources overview.
  2. Search for the respective database and click on the Edit button located at the right side of the data source widget.
  3. In the database connection screen skip the Setup screen by clicking on the Proceed button at the bottom right corner of the screen or directly jump to Import by clicking on the second step in navigation bar below database connection.



  1. In the Import Screen, click on Fetch Database Schema. New fields or tables will then appear in the database structure below Your Database.
  2. Either click on Select all or select the individual tables and fields that you wish to import.
  3. Make sure you Save your changes.
  4. Click Proceed if you wish to add any additional foreign keys or if you want to customize your new field labels. For detailed instructions on how to add foreign keys and change the field names please see Define Foreign Keys and Label Fields.
  5. If you want to skip the references and label field steps click on Data Transfer in the top right corner of the navigation bar below database connection.
  6. In the data transfer screen, please click the Fetch Data button to populate your changes to your data structure. You can now continue with your analysis in datapine.