Add Viewer

Before you can share your dashboards with Viewers or a group of Viewers you will need to create these Viewers and define the groups that they belong to in the settings section first. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to add a Viewer and how to assign a Viewer to a team.


how to add a viewer in datapine step #1


1) First, click on Settings in the upper right corner of your screen to access your account settings.


2) Then select Viewers in the upper panel of your settings menu.


3) On the left side of the Viewer page you will find a list of all active Viewers. To access the Add Viewer popup click on + Add Viewer in the right upper corner of the Viewer list.


how to add a viewer in datapine step #2


4) To setup a new Viewer you will need to provide the person’s Email address and optionally also his first and last name.


5) Select the preferred language of the Viewer. The first time he logs into the Viewer Portal he will be asked again which language he would like to use.


6) If you wish to assign this Viewer to a team you can select a Group here. Simply type into the textbox to search for available groups and a dropdown of possible options will be displayed below. Click here to learn how to create a group in datapine.


7) If you don’t want to send a direct email invitation to the Viewer, uncheck Send invitation emails. Below you will be asked to define a password for this viewer. You will then be free to inform the viewer of his access data by your own means.


8) Click on Add, to finally add this Viewer to the list of users.