Global Style Options

Using datapine’s Global Style Options you can easily adjust the appearance of your dashboards in a matter of seconds. The Global Style Options come with a range of predefined dashboard themes that you can apply to your dashboard. You may also define an own set of visual characteristics to apply them to your dashboard and save them as a custom theme. Below we will briefly outline


Access Global Style Options


Access the Global Style Options Menu via the Dashboard Appearance options. Here is how to open the Global Style Options popup.


  1. In your dashboard, enable the Edit mode. Therefore, click on the Edit Button in the right top corner of the dashboard tool bar.
  2. On the secondary tool bar below, click on Appearance.
  3. This will open a dropdown menu below. Click on Global Style Options to access the dashboard designer.


how to access the global style options for your dashboards in datapine


Apply Global Style Options


The Global Style Options popup menu, is structured into three parts. On the left side, you will be able to select a dashboard theme and apply it to your dashboard and you will also see the dashboard preview that displays all the changes that you are making in the Global Style Options. On the right are the Global Style Options divided into font style, background colors and data series colors. To apply a set of design options to your dashboard you can do the following.


  1. Choose one of the Themes that datapine provides to you on the left.



  1. Create your own theme. Define a font type and font size for charts and axis titles, the color of the tab and chart background as well as the series colors of your graphs. Your individually created theme can as well be saved in the Global Style Themes Manager.


how to select and apply global style options for your dashboards in datapine