Add Viewer To Group

There are two different ways how to add an existing Viewer or multiple Viewers at once to a group. Here is a short explanation of both options on how to add a viewer to a group.


Move a single Viewer to a group


Grab the Viewer from the list of viewers on the right and drag it over to the group to which you want to add the viewer to. The selected group will be highlighted by a blue doted line. Drop off to add the viewer to this group.


how to add a single viewer to a group in datapine


Add multiple Viewers at once to a group


  1. From the list of Viewers select the ones you want to add to a group by ticking the check box next to the Viewers email.
  2. Then Click on the Add To Group Button. In the Add to Group Popup type the group name into the search field and select the respective groups in the dropdown menu. Click Add after you’ve selected all groups to which you wish to add the Viewers to.

how to add multiple viewers to a group