Create Customized Fields

In the following we will demonstrate how to setup customized fields and custom columns in datapine using the Metric Builder in the Chart Creator.


metric-button   In the metric builder pop up, give your metric a name and optionally add a description.


  1. To create your custom metric simply drag and drop the desired fields from the list of data sources on the left into the Formula Editor.
  2. Choose the right aggregation type for the columns added to the formula editor in the field editor on the right of the screen and click apply.
  3. To perform any mathematical calculations on your metric use the number pad or type directly into the formula editor.
  4. Save your metric as a new field by creating a folder or selecting an existing folder from the dropdown menu and finally Save it.

Your custom metric can now be found in the selected metric folder in the data sources structure on the left.




Useful tips:


  • In the metric builder, we use a comma as a decimal separator.
  • The exp() function on the number pad returns e to the power of the value of your selected field.