Change User Permission

In datapine, you can collaborate with your colleagues while working on analyzing and visualizing your data. A simple way to share and present your results is to create users for your dashboard, while allowing them to access your dashboards and giving them editing rights. In a few steps, this guide will show you how to change the user permission, whether you wish to turn an Editor into an Admin or the other way around.


how to change user permissions in datapine


  1. Click on Settings in the upper right corner of your screen to access all available options for your account.
  2. Then select Users in the upper panel of your settings menu.
  3. In the user list on the left, click on the user that you would like to edit.
  4. Enable the Edit mode to be able to make any changes to the user details.
  5. Select the preferred user role from the drop down.
  6. Then click on Save to proceed and save all modifications to this user.