Gauge Chart

Gauge charts are a great way to display single values within a quantitative context such as to the previous period or to a target value. By assigning minimum and maximum values and defining color ranges gauge charts will display an immediate trend indication.


Create a Gauge Chart


Similar to number charts, gauge charts work with only one metric in Measures and if desired with additional fields in Filter by or a SQL Code with only one column in SELECT. If you have additional fields in Dimensions or in Decompose this chart type will be disabled. Remove these fields to select gauge as a chart type.


Design a Gauge Chart


In the Gauge Chart Style option, you may choose between an Angular Gauge and a Solid Gauge Style. Here you may also define the Size, Width, Background Colors and Arrow style (for Angular Gauge Charts). Open the Style Options with a click on the Chart Options and then click on Chart Style in the right upper corner of the chart preview. In the Chart Options menu on the right, you can now define the appearance of your gauge chart.


solid vs angular gauge chart designed with datapine


Define a Target Value for a Gauge Chart


In order to define a target or to set min and max values for your chart, click on the Chart Options and then select Target and Ranges. Here you may define a static target value for your gauge chart or compare the chart’s value to the previous period if you have a dynamic date field in Filter By.


You may also define the ranges and colors for the indicator, by assigning either absolute or relative thresholds. Solid gauge charts may be displayed with a gradient transition too.


Display data labels in a Gauge Chart


You may customize the data labels displayed in a gauge chart and define whether you wish to display the values as absolute numbers or percentages. Access the data labels options via Chart Options and then click on Data Labels. Here you can define whether you wish to display the minimum and maximum values or if you want to add interval ticks to your gauge chart.


guage chart examples with data labels