Create a Mobile Dashboard (Mobile Mode)



In datapine you can create a customized mobile view for any dashboard that you have created in your datapine account. To provide your users with a great mobile experience, be careful not to overload the mobile version of your dashboard with too much information whilst still covering the most important numbers.


In this section you will learn how to create a dashboard in mobile mode with the following steps:


1. Open the dashboard that you would like to build a mobile version of in the dashboard section of your account.


2. Be sure to have the edit mode enabled by clicking on the EDIT button in the upper right corner of the dashboard.


3. Click on the MOBILE MODE button in the upper toolbar.


How to open mobile mode on dashboard


4. You are now in the mobile mode of your dashboard. When you are in the mobile mode, the MOBILE MODE button will be in green.


How to leave mobile mode


On the left side you will find all your current dashboard elements which can be added to your mobile dashboard version.


In the middle is your mobile screen template, in this area you can build your dashboard to the template mobile size.


On the right side you will find the toolbar, just like on the standard dashboard edit mode. The toolbar offers you all the styling and formatting options for your charts.


5. You can now add the dashboard elements to your mobile template. While we recommend to only add selected charts to your mobile mode you might still add all your dashboard elements at once by clicking on PIN ALL. In doing this, all your dashboard elements will be added to the mobile screen in a default layout that best fits your chart sizes. You can then adjust the layout as you like.


6. If you don’t want to add all dashboard elements to your mobile screen but only selected once, you can choose the specific charts you wish to display and add them individually to the mobile screen. Do this by either using drag & drop or by clicking on the pin icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard element.



How to add a chart to a mobile dashboard


7. To remove dashboards elements from the mobile screen, hover over the element that you wish to delete and click on the remove icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard element. Or click on the round blue pin icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard item.


8. If you have pinned all dashboards elements to the mobile screen, you can easily remove all the elements by clicking UNPIN ALL on the left side of the mobile mode.


How to unpin items on mobile dashboard


9. To leave the mobile mode click on the green MOBILE MODE button in the upper toolbar. You will automatically be taken back to your dashboard screen.



Tip: Please note, moving and aligning elements in mobile mode is different from how charts and widgets can be placed on the desktop version. While elements on the dashboard version can be placed on top of each other this is not possible in mobile mode. Moving an element in mobile mode will automatically adjust other elements to make space. So be careful when editing your layout.