Dashboard Filter Panel


In datapine, all users can use the filter panel on the right side of the dashboards to narrow down the data displayed on the dashboard. You also have the option to apply a hidden filter to the dashboard that is only visible in edit mode and enables you to restrict the data that viewers can see on the dashboard. In this section, you will learn how to use the dashboard filter panel.



Show or Hide Dashboard Filters


In your Dashboard, click on the SHOW FILTERS button in the upper right toolbar. This will open the filter panel on the right side of your dashboard. To hide the dashboard panel just click the HIDE FILTERS button again and the filter panel will no longer be visible.



Turn Dashboard Filters On/Off


To activate or deactivate the filter, use the toggle next to the filter name. If the toggle is blue the filter is active and will affect the results on your dashboard, while a grey toggle signifies that the filter is currently turned off and has no impact on the data in the dashboard.


*Note: a filter can still be active even if the filter panel is hidden.


how to use the filter panel in your datapine dashboard


Display Filter Values


Click on to the filter name to display the values contained in the filter. Depending on the filter type you may select multiple or only single values in a filter. Single-value filters will show a single-select option button while multi-select filters will have check-boxes that allow you to select multiple values.


Apply Filter Values


The following steps will instruct you on how to apply filter values in your dashboard:


  1. Open the filter panel by clicking on the SHOW FILTER button
  1. Select the filter you wish to apply to your dashboard. Click on the Filter name to display the filter values.
  1. Tick or untick the values you wish to apply to your dashboard. Remember it depends on the filter type if you can apply only one or multiple values.
  1. Click on APPLY at the bottom of the filter panel.


how to apply filter values in the filter panel in a datapine dashboard

Your dashboard will be now filtered by the selected values.


If you want to learn how to add a new filter click here. You can also learn about other filter functions such as time filters, text value filters, and numeric value and numeric constraint filters.

Another type of filter available in datapine is the click-to-filter function. Click here to learn more about click-to-fitler in datapine