Manage Reports



The report overview builds the central part of datapine’s reporting module for storing, viewing and managing your automated reports. This overview offers you full control of your active and inactive reports. For example, with just a glance at the report cards, you can determine which of your active reports will be sent out next and who is the current report recipient. You may also edit a report and access the report properties as well as duplicate, deactivate or delete the items listed in this overview.



Edit Report


Whenever it is necessary to edit a report, e.g. changing the schedule or adding and deleting recipients, you can do so at any time. Once saved the changes will be effective right away.


1. Go to the report overview by clicking on REPORTS on the toolbar.


2. Access the report properties by clicking directly on the report that you wish to edit. You can use the Search function on top of the report overview to find your report more easily. 


How to edit a report


Now, you’ll be directed to the report properties as known from creating a report and you can edit all sections. Make sure to Save your changes.




For Custom Reports: If you have added/deleted/edited filters on your dashboard, click Synchronize Filter in the ‘Filter and Values’ section to update these in your report, too. You might need to reselect the filter values as well if those have changed.



Duplicate Report


Sometimes, you want to create a report which is like another report you have already set up. Instead of creating a whole new report from scratch, in datapine you have the option to simply duplicate a report. In this section, we will show you how to duplicate already existing reports.


1. Go to the REPORTS section in datapine.


2. Click on the three dots next to the info icon of the report you want to duplicate.


How to manage reports


3. Click Duplicate to create a copy of this report. 


How to duplicate reports



The duplicate of your report will be added to the report overview. With a click on the new report widget you’ll be able to edit the report properties such as adding new recipients or attaching another dashboard version to the email report.





If you want to send the same report just with individual filter values for each recipient, instead of duplicating a report you can also create a Custom Report.



Deactivate Report


Sometimes it might be useful to simply pause a report, rather than deleting it, e.g. if you plan to reactivate this report any time later. In datapine you can deactivate a report but keep it in your report overview. In the following steps we will show you how to deactivate a report.


1. Click on REPORTS in datapine’s tool bar.


2. Click on the three horizontal dots next to the info icon on your report to display further options.


3. Select Deactivate to pause your report.


Now your report has been deactivated and the report won’t be sent out to the recipients anymore.





  • Deactivated reports still appear in your report section.
  • To reactivate a report, just follow the steps above. In the report options, click on Activate. Now, the report is active again and will be sent out to the recipients at the scheduled time.
  • If you don’t need the report anymore and want to discard it completely, you also can delete a report.



Delete Report


If you don’t need a report anymore and don’t plan to reactivate this report again, you can also discard it. Below we will show you how to delete a report in datapine.


1. In the REPORTS overview search for the report that you wish to delete.


2. Click on the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the report widget.


3. Now, click on Delete and confirm the deletion in the popup.



Now, your report will be deleted and will no longer appear in the report overview.