Add A Tab



Dashboards in datapine can have more than one tab. This allows you to separate the content you are presenting in a dashboard and better structure the information you are sharing with other users. You may apply different style options, update intervals or filter settings for each of the tabs. Please follow the steps below on how to add a new tab to a dashboard.



1. Click on Dashboard in the top navigation bar and select your dashboard in the dashboard overview or directly from the dashboard dropdown menu.


2. In your dashboard, enable the edit mode by clicking on the Edit Button in the right upper corner of the dashboard screen. This will open the dashboard toolbar below and your dashboard can now be edited.


How to open the edit mode on a dashboard


3. Click on the plus sign next to your tabs in the upper dashboard panel. This adds a new tab to your dashboard.


4. If you click on the dropdown menu icon next to the tab name you can choose to rename, delete or merge your tab with another dashboard. A double click directly on to the tab will also open the Rename Tab popup to give your tab a new title.


How to add a new Tab and edit Tabs