Extra iframe Parameters

The iframe parameter dashboard allows to directly load a dashboard to which the user has access in the token. It accepts multiple dashboards separated by a comma.


The iframe link will look like this:{organization_id}/iframe?dashboard=Sales


The parameter has the following behavior:
- If it is present with one value, we open this dashboard directly and there is no dashboard dropdown. In case the dashboard doesn’t exist, we open the predefined dashboard configured in your token.

-  If the parameter is present with multiple dashboards, in case the predefined dashboard is in the list, we will open that directly. If a predefined dashboard is not in the list, the first one takes the preference. Furthermore, the dashboard will be loaded with the dashboard dropdown selector.


Below you find a link example with multiple dashboards:{organization_id}/iframe?dashboard=Sales,Marketing


In order to work, we will send you the parameter to your login URL as a new parameter besides the callback, like described in step 4 in the request flow overview.


iFrame redirect example (4.):,Marketing


And that parameter needs to return to us in step 5 when you do the redirection to our SSO call API.


Customer redirect example (5.):{organization_id}?token={encoded_token}&dashboard=Sales,Marketing