Add External Link

Sometimes it is useful to add a little bit more information to your dashboards by using an external link. You might want to give your audience the option to have a look at information outside of datapine to provide them with more detailed information. Follow the steps below to learn how to add an external link to your dashboard.


  1. In your Dashboard Tab, enable the Edit mode and open the Options of the chart, textbox or image you wish to use to link to another website.
  2. From the Options drop-down menu, then select Interactive Options and click on Add Link.
  3. Select Link to URL:
  4.   how to add an external link on a dashboard in datapine

  5. In the Add a link to this element popup you may now either link to another tab of your dashboard or to an external URL. To add an external link to another website, click the button next to this options.
  6. Paste or type the external URL into the textbox. Tick the checkbox below if the link should open in a new tab.
  7. Finally, click on Save to exit and add the desired link to your chart.

Note: Links do only work in View mode. To get back to the View mode click on the Done icon in the top right corner of your dashboard tab.