In this section, we will show you how to setup an automated report in datapine and how to manage your active reports to always deliver your KPIs and insight on time.


datapine’s reporting function allows you to setup automated reports that will be sent to selected recipients on a defined schedule. You can set a daily, weekly or monthly timer that will update your dashboards and send them as Excel, PDF or PNG to your colleagues or clients to keep them up to date.


No need to manually create the reports anymore as it is automatically generated. Besides, you can even include a personalized message that will be sent along with the dashboard snapshot.


1) Create reports


In that section, you will be introduced to our reporting option that enables you to share your dashboards to coworkers, investors or clients. The reports will be sent via e-mail, and you will be able to schedule them at a specific time and date and with a certain recurrence/frequency if you want to. You can choose to send your reports as PDF, Excel files or PNG images. Note: you may want to send a test report to yourself to see if the format of your files is the one you want before clicking on ‘save’ and sending out the reports.


2) Manage reports


All the reports created are stored under the ‘report’ tab, where you can manage them. You will see which of them are active and which others are deactivated. If a report is not of relevance anymore, you will also be able to delete it. Finally, you will also have the possibility to manage the recipients of those reports, adding or removing any according to your will. With the recipients’ manager, you can also see who is receiving what.