Custom Design Themes

In datapine, we offer a selection of predefined themes that you can apply to your dashboards. In case you want to create your own individual dashboard theme, you can easily define your own designs in the Global Style Options. Below you will learn how to setup your own custom design theme.


1) In your Dashboard tab, activate the Edit mode. Therefore click on the Edit button in the right upper corner of the dashboard tool bar.


2) Then click Appearence in the second toolbar.


3) Select Global Style Options from the dropdown to open the Global Style Options menu.


how to access the global style options for your dashboards in datapine


4) Define the Style Options for your dashboard theme.


a) Start with the font styles such as font type, chart and axis titles including size and color.


b) Then below choose the background colors for your tab, charts and textboxes.


c) And finally choose the chart colors.


5) In order to save your new theme click Save New Theme at the bottom of the Global Style options menu.


6) This opens the Manage Themes menu where you can also access the default themes. In the textbox at the top, type in the name of your new theme.


7) Now, click Save to store your new theme to the dashboard theme library.


how to create and apply a custom dashboard design in datapine