Upload Image

Images help you to create a unique look and feel for your dashboard. Especially, if you wish to make your Corporate Identity visible on the dashboard you have the option to add a logo to your dashboard. The following steps demonstrate how to upload images, logos or GIFs to datapine and how to add these elements to your dashboard.


  1. Enter your workspace by either clicking on Dashboard in the upper navigation bar and selecting your desired dashboard in the overview or mousover the button and select the dashboard from the drop-down menu.
  2. Open the edit modewith the click on Edit in the right corner of the dashbaord tool bar.
  3. Now, to add an image to your workspace click on the Add Image button in the secondary tool bar.
  4. This opens the Insert Image menu. There you will find all the images that have been uploaded to your account. To add a new picture to your image library click Upload new image. Select a picture from you local repository and upload it to datapine.
  5. To add a particular image from your library to a dashboard you have to click the checkbox on the left of your desired image. Only one picture at a time can be added to your dashboard.
  6. When you click on Apply the selected image will be added to the dashbaord.


how to upload an image / logo to a dashboard in datapine


Tip: Upload items such as circles, quadrates or icons and use them as styling widgets to give your dashboard more structure and readability.