Special Chart Options

datapine’s number charts come with a special chart option that lets you individually define the chart’s appearance on the dashboard. Use this option to select custom colors for number chart trends or to apply a setting globally to all number charts on your dashboard.


Access Special Chart Options


1) Access the Number Appearance Options with a click onto the Chart Options in the right upper corner of your chart. Make sure you’ve enabled the Edit mode of your dashboard first.


2) From the Chart Options drop-down select Appearance…


how to access speical chart options on a dashboard in datapine


Number Chart Appearance Options


In the Number Chart Appearance Options, you will now have a range of options to style and design your number charts.


  1. Define your custom number chart options.
  2. Choose the Font Type, Font Size and Font Style as well as the alignment of the number on the chart.
  3. Define the color options for the number, the positive and negative trend as well as the background and chart border.
  4. Tick the check box if you wish to apply this design to all number charts on your dashboard tab.
  5. Click Apply to populate the changes to the tab.

overview of the number appearance options on a dashobard in datapine