Text Rule Filter

The text rule filter enables you to filter your dashboard by text values that you have typed into the search field.


For example:


a) Filter your dashboard by countries that begin with ‘United’


b) Filter your dashboard by customer names that end with an ‘E’


Setup a Text Rule Filter


1) In the Create Filter menu, select the Text Rule tab.


2) Give your filter a name.


3) Choose a text rule you wish to use to filter your values. You can choose from the following text rules:


a) ContainStart with


b) End with


c) Are equal to


d) Don’t start with


e) Don’t end with


f) Don’t contain


g) Are not equal to


4) Type in the value which you wish to use for the filtering.


5) Click on apply to add this filter to your filter panel on the right side of the dashboard.


how to set up a text rule filter on a dashboard in datapine