Share With A User

The advantage of datapine’s dashboards is that they enable you to collaborate and work with other users to build your reports. If you have a dashboard that you wish to share with other users in your organization, you can use the Dashboard Share function to add users to your dashboard.


Access the User Sharing Options


  1. First, select Dashboard in the the upper navigation bar and click on the dashboard you would like  to share.
  2. Now, click Share in the lower navigation bar to open the Share Dashboard menu.

how to access the dashboard sharing in datapine



Share with a User


  1. In the Share Dashboard popup, select the user type Users to display all available users of your organization below.
  2. The list of users below displays each user by its name, role and status. All users with a green toggle will currently have access to your dashboard. Admins have access to all dashboards in your orgnization and therefore cannot be excluded. However, Editors can be given access to your dashboard and can also be excluded from a dashboard by simply turning the toggle next to their name on or off.
  3. To confirm your changes click Apply in the lower right corner of the menu. The user will get notified that they have been given access to your dashboard.

how to share a dashboard with a user in datapine