Edit a Metric



In case the calculation of one of our custom fields has changed you can edit this metric in datapine directly in the Analyzer. Please note that these changes will affect all charts where the respective metric has been used.



1. Access the Analyzer.


2. There are two ways with which you can access the customized fields that you already created


A) If you want to access it in a chart where you already used it, you can open the customized field Editor by clicking on the icon that appears left to you metric name when you hover over with your cursor.


B) If you want to edit your customized field in the custom field folder you can open the Editor by either clicking on the icon that appears on the left side of your field when you hover over it with you cursor or C) by right clicking on the field and choosing Edit.


How to edit a calculated field



3. In the field Formula editor, you can now add additional fields or make any changes to the calculation.


4. Don’t forget to save your changes to populate the changes to the charts.



Useful tips:


Please be careful when changing a metric that you already used in multiple charts. If you change it in one chart it will be automatically changed in all of the charts where you used it, since all of them use the same custom field.


If you don’t want to change the charts you’ve already created with the customized field you want to edit, you can simply duplicate the metric and then modify the calculations in the duplicated field. To do so, access the ‘Custom Fields’ folder from your data source structure, right click on the respective field and select Duplicate from the menu. Now you can edit the duplicated metric.