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The industry sector of Media & Publishing is perhaps the most rapidly changing and adapting contemporary industry, a uniqueness which may be primarily attributed to the immediate accessibility of user feedback, especially via online mediums. Such instantaneous and direct user feedback is not always available in other industries, which is a real asset as long as it is used correctly. Besides, the massive digitization of every content and the importance of mobile users now constitute a new challenge for unwitting offline publishers, who have to face today’s new ways of consuming media: online, immediate and free. This also is a great opportunity for them since they now have access to an incredibly bigger and more accurate amount of data concerning their readers or viewers’ habits and profiles. Innovative media analytics tools like datapine are designed to harness all this data and turn it into new insights in order monitor and evaluate the success of campaigns for instance. It can also help them to effectively guide the decision-making processes, and more accurately assess the audience’s feedback of all sorts of media, entertainment and published materials.

"datapine gives us all the insights we need in a compact space. Thanks to datapine we are able to review all relevant customer data and react on trends and opportunities much faster."

Kai Hansen


Transform business management skills with the right analytical insights. Extract and retain the information that is most valuable and utilize this data directly and effectively with state-of-the-art media analytics.

  • Effectively collect, explore and visualize data from a variety of sources
  • Analyze your media data and perform cross-channel analysis
  • Monitor KPIs to meet individual demands for high quality output
  • Reveal the information critical to building and managing brand names
  • Increase your customer satisfaction & revenue streams
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Media & Publishing data analytics allow for a more profound user engagement process, including more sensitive and customer-centered customization and personalization tools. It gives you a competitive advantage in the industry by translating big data sequences into meaningful and relevant information. Thanks to these analytics, you will also have a more comprehensive summarization and oversight of customer profiles across a wide spectrum of engagement mediums, especially regarding complete customer overview analyses. They create a convenient means for a systematic interaction with customers, based on customer-tailored consumer profiles. Moreover, it enables a unified recapitulation of campaign success and audience activities, including easy access to relevant data. Such data is based on a profound integration of information and data sets across all platforms. Discover advanced media analytics for a more precise product and revenue management processes, by taking advantage of predictive algorithms and innovative data visualizations.

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