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Stay competitive with a modern report builder for MySQL

A MySQL report builder is a database management tool used to build and manage an unlimited number of reports based on a drag-and-drop interface which helps users to visualize data into actionable dashboards almost instantly designed for beginner and advanced users.

MySQL is one of the most popular database management systems used by almost 200 000 companies across the world in industries such as management and consulting, financial services, staffing and recruiting, hospital and healthcare, marketing, advertising, and, of course, IT, computer, and software. This shows that many industries capitalize on the ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and high performance that MySQL offers. We will take a look at the most prominent features that make this database and a professional report builder for MySQL so popular:

User-friendly: It is important for everyone in your company to have access to impressive results in less time and with less effort. We know how critical it is for companies to be able to analyze their data and create in-depth reports to make data-driven decisions – that’s why a well-developed MySQL report maker needs to be as user-friendly as possible so that your company can remain competitive within your industry. Our experience showed us how important it is for everyone in your company to have access to impressive results in less time and with less effort. A modern report builder for MySQL should be made to be not only incredibly powerful but also easy-to-use.
Top-notch performance: MySQL can perform well whether data is in GB or TB. In fact, the development of the capabilities in managing large volumes of data and its performance has undergone so many updates over the years that you can firmly trust the performance of MySQL. The core philosophy of MySQL is simple: quickly get the data in, and quickly out. This gives MySQL the ability to perform flawlessly, whether an eCommerce website needs to receive a million queries a day, systems need high-speed transactional processes, or you simply want online reporting tools you can trust to manage all your database activities.
Accessible to everyone: These days you do not have to rely on your IT specialists to carry out and wait hours, days, or weeks for reports; with a proper tool, you can run complex queries without having to write a single line of code. Using an innovative drag and drop interface, anyone on your team can create a report and get the information that they need in seconds. This data can then be arranged on a visually compelling dashboard and shared with colleagues who would benefit from these insights.
Data in real-time: Companies have become more collaborative, and every department is responsible for knowing and understanding KPIs. By using an online MySQL report builder, you can send reports to your colleagues enabling them to make data-driven decisions based on real-time information. Your marketing team can share important data, such as the ROI of the latest campaigns, with others in the marketing department, and also with the finance team who may need to update the marketing budget. Leave the pains of manual reporting in the past thanks to a professional MySQL report generator, the automated nature of these tools provides you with the latest data available so always have fresh business insights at your fingertips.
Interactive data visualizations: With an innovative dashboard creator you can create customized dashboards for all your reporting purposes with a few clicks. Not only are these dashboards user-friendly thanks to their drag-and-drop interface, but they offer multiple possibilities such as over 20 different charting options so you can visualize your most important KPIs in an efficient way. Additionally, the dashboards offer the possibility to visualize large amounts of data all in one screen with several filtering options so that you can play with your information at your will.
Share your reports: As we mentioned, collaboration is one of the key benefits you get from investing in a professional MYSQL report writer. With just a few clicks you have the ability to send different types of reports in whatever format you desire from PDFs to Excel documents. If different departments need the same data in different formats, you can customize it immediately.

MySQL is indeed a powerful database management system, and with a proper MySQL report maker your company can manage its data in the most efficient and precise way. Not to also forget the powerful reporting features that we will take a closer look at next.

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Share your data with our MySQL report builder

Companies used to have to filter through masses amounts of data, which took an inordinate amount of time, just to be able to gain true business insights. Our powerful online MySQL report builder is a game-changer. Carrying out your company’s MySQL reporting has never been easier. After deciding what data you are interested in, you can run a report in seconds using a user-friendly drag and drop tool. You then have an impressive selection of graphs and charts to choose from to present your data more engagingly. We will explain now how this works:

Choose the type of report: The first step is pretty straightforward. After you have finished with your data analysis, this simple report functionality enables you to send your dashboards through e-mail to one or more recipients. You have an option to choose from creating a standard report to send the same dashboard to all of your recipients or a customized one, which sends the report to a group of recipients, each with a specific content and filter values assigned.
Fill out key details: If you choose the standard report, you have to fill out some basic details such as title, recipients, subject, message (if you want to add one) – the process is similar to composing a standard e-mail. Then you select the specific content, time frame, format (xsl, csv, pdf, or png), and the schedule which consists of time intervals that you want to use, even the day of the week. The process is similar for customized reports where you have additional values you can assign to your recipients. Then you can send this report via e-mail, regularly.
Access and share your dashboard: The MySQL report generator gives you additional features regarding the dashboard itself. You can access and share all graphs and charts online with your colleagues as well as outside shareholders including investors, making the information far more accessible for everyone involved. Your report can be compiled into dashboards that can alert decision-makers to what is happening in your company in real-time. With our innovative KPI dashboard software we also offer automated reporting, which enables you to set up and send timely reports to the people who need for example regular updates on sales KPIs or other important business metrics. Sharing your dashboard can be done in several additional ways which we will now explain in more detail.
Assign a viewer: You can share your dashboards and reports via the viewer area, a handy option that enables other users to access your dashboard, but they can’t edit or interfere with the data and the dashboard itself. The level of their possibilities to edit the dashboard is fully up to you so you can assign filters, for example, that other users can use when exploring the report and dashboard on their own.
Share a link: If you want to share your report quickly inside or outside of your organization, the link-sharing option of our online report generator will enable you to do just that with live dashboards. You just need to activate the link, copy it, and the dashboard with its full features can be shared with just a few clicks. An additional practical choice is the possibility to implement password protection so you can be sure that your dashboard has additional security features. You can also use the embedded link option which enables you to embed the dashboard in your intranet, website, other apps, or software. It can be also white labeled so you can use the dashboard as your own, branded solution.
Find trends and predictions: Once your business dashboards have been created with our professional MYSQL report builder, you can take your analysis process one step further by using our predictive analytics tool for no extra charge. By analyzing your historical data in detail, the tool can find relationships, patterns, and trends in your data and predict future outcomes that will enable you to be always one step ahead of potential issues.
Automate your reports: We have mentioned that you can share your reports based on time intervals you choose, and these reports are updated by the software automatically the moment the report is fired off. This means you have access to data visualizations of what’s going on in your company at that exact moment in time; your team will have the most up-to-date information possible. This real-time feature makes your reporting practice more efficient since you save time and resources to look for specific information you’re interested in and need as soon as possible.

These are the main options a MySQL report builder should have when it comes to creating powerful reports, whether on a beginner or advanced level. This level of customization will enable a company to fully utilize numerous features that will empower each reporting practice and create a stable business environment.


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All of these incredible features are available with our MySQL report generator. These days, data is being gathered at an astounding rate, faster than ever before, which means that having access to the most up to date information is invaluable. With this feature, you can send real-time data in an engaging report to your colleagues as it happens. We know that having this data is critical no matter your location. datapine is optimized and available for desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile use. Let’s say you received an automatic report while you are in transit to a meeting. No problem, you can pull that information up on your mobile, and be able to give your stakeholders the most accurate numbers possible without the hassle of digging through data and waiting for days to find relevant information.

The main goal for businesses is to automate a number of their processes and focus on what’s important for them to grow, and that’s generating invaluable insights which will enable them to stay competitive. Whether you need MySQL BI software to provide you with real-time data, dashboards for interactively presenting that data, or tinker deeply into MySQL to see what kind of additional insights you can explore, datapine has you covered. Our scalable solution can accommodate average business users, and advanced IT specialists, completely based on your requirements.

That being said, at datapine, our main goal is to make companies more efficient, fast, and accurate. By utilizing a MySQL report builder, you will be able to manage your data in a way that can’t be inaccurate. Our modern tool utilizes artificial intelligence, neural networks, machine learning, and intelligent data alerts that make your reporting even easier since the software can alarm you immediately when a data anomaly occurs. With the help of modern technology, you don’t have to manually export your reports, simply automate your process, and let the software do the work.

Our high-speed MySQL reports are generated by our user-friendly tool, then turned into understandable graphs and charts, available to send within seconds to your colleagues no matter your location – what could be a better way to stay ahead of your competitors? If you are ready to take your business to the next level, try out our MySQL report builder while we are offering a 14-day free trial.

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualize it, you can manage it.

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