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From the raw materials to investment, logistics and of course, the final product, manufacturing is an intricate process with many moving parts. Besides the non-tangible aspects of the manufacturing industry, there are financial and managerial aspects to oversee, not to mention a perpetually changing consumer demand and aggressive competition. However, in spite of all these complexities, there is a constant generation of data reflecting the manufacturing process. datapine’s business intelligence software allows the nuances of this data to be harnessed and translated it into meaningful information that can then be used to improve all aspects of the process, at any scale.

"datapine gives us all the insights we need in a compact space. Thanks to datapine we are able to review all relevant customer data and react on trends and opportunities much faster."

Kai Hansen


In the manufacturing industry, there are simply too many moving parts, both literally and figuratively. Advanced manufacturing analytics can be applied for a more comprehensive and robust decision making process.

  • Enhance process efficiency and improve final product safety
  • Don’t miss any relevant information at any production stage
  • Gain a competitive edge by predicting future market trends
  • Maintain a profound consumer base and ensure its satisfaction
  • Analyze and optimize your product inventory management
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Manufacturing analytics is all about manipulating raw data gathered from existing manufacturing processes and translating it into actionable information. This information can later be used to improve and modify all dimensions of existing processes, in order to maximize profit margins, manage logistics and improve product efficiency, quality or safety. Manufacturing business intelligence software helps you to develop industry-specific forecasts and to translate demand signals to allow for the most appropriate and cost-effective response. It will ultimately improve existing processes and dominate the competition. There are hundreds of moving parts in the manufacturing industry and thousands of steps to monitor. Data can be easily lost and important decisions neglected without the help of clear objectives, systematically driven methods of gathering and studying existing data. A business analytics software like datapine takes every piece of information and merges them to create a top-down overview of manufacturing processes that could not have been completed if only relying on manpower alone.

Learn how the Internet of Things and advanced analytics are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

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