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Don't trust your gut. Get data-driven and boost your ROI with actionable insights.

Get closer to your customers and anticipate their future needs. Thanks to datapine’s artificial intelligence, be always on the lookout of any change in trends so as to ensure an enhanced customer experience. Get a holistic view of your strengths and weaknesses to stay on top in today’s always more competitive markets.
Icon illustrating Web and Marketing Analytics Web and Marketing Analytics
Web analytics provides you with a solid insight of your different marketing channels and how they interact. Whether you have the page view as focal point or the person behind the click, these analytics help you track how your initiatives are performing over time. Let datapine assist you with all these analytics collected.
Icon illustrating Campaign Performance Campaign Performance
Our marketing business intelligence software enables you to assess your campaigns in real-time by blending in the various KPIs used like cost-per-click, conversion rates, ROI and others. Thanks to the in-depth analysis of those metrics, you can instantly rectify what needs to be and improve your effectiveness.
Icon illustrating Customer Segmentation Customer Segmentation
An accurate 360° customer view is what every organization is seeking. A good customer understanding needs a solid customer segmentation, that is why a marketing BI software like datapine’s is essential to keep a competitive advantage and deliver a solid brand experience.
Icon illustrating Lead Generation Lead Generation
The more understanding you get about your target audience, the better you will adapt. Changes on your website may lead to a traffic decrease, but the total amount of qualified leads grows and this is what matters. Centralize all your marketing analytics to explore and browse the results to generate more and better leads.

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Customized Analytics For Every Role
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Why is marketing analytics software so important?

Marketing analytics software encompass a lot of metrics, as the marketing domain is divided in two main branches, online and offline. The data that you will track both online and offline will be different but complementary, and will help you understand the impact of your work. Marketing KPIs are numbers and figures, the results of the various campaigns you are leading; marketing analytics are putting the KPIs data in the context of your brand, sector, market, telling a broader story about how your efforts are driving revenue.

Analyzing your marketing metrics will let you determine the ROI of your various efforts but also helps in identifying new opportunities and room for improvement. Measuring the performance of your campaigns in their finest details is crucial for future investments in such campaigns – with this knowledge in hands, you can have a better informed, data-driven decision-making, that will bring your business forward. The main challenges with marketing analytics is to collect and organize the data from multiple sources, manage to draw correlations and act on it to improve marketing performance. A BI software for marketing professionals like datapine’s is thus exactly what you need and can help you connect, sort out and visualize metrics gathered from diverse sources in just a couple of clicks.

The impact of modern marketing analytics

With a clear strategy and pre-defined goals, you can track your campaigns more efficiently and measure their performance, but also dig out valuable findings that you ignored before. The business impact of marketing analytics hence lies in its application – it is only worth if the results and insights from the analyses are used afterwards. Unfortunately, often enough business departments do not take them sufficiently into account. To benefit the whole company, analytics should influence the way marketers think, make decisions, and eventually the way it works.

At datapine, we believe that they play a key role in any organization, with an increasing importance by the time going. Indeed, our online shifting economy rewards those who know how to win the internet. Between other things, marketing analytics will help you measure the effectiveness of your website, which is highly important for your brand image; they help in evaluating the impact of your content, to know if it could be more effective. Thanks to them, you also know where your revenue is coming from and can then invest in these specific channels, and improve the others. Besides, C-level executives are more and more asking for reports backed up with actionable data – and a BI software for marketing professionals provides you with just that.

The marketing best practices to adopt

The secret behind marketing analytics software is actually simple, and difficult at the same time – it consists in connecting the dots. Connecting the hundreds of thousands of marketing data dots in an increasingly complex customer journey, to generate the maximum of value out of it.

As a start, you will do as any data analysis requires: asking the right questions to solve a business issue. Be exact in your approach of marketing measurement so as to know what to measure, and look forward by formulating what you will do with the insights you got. If you realize that you cannot measure the outcome, then, question yourself on the actual value such question brings. Once data is collected, consolidated and analyzed, you need to understand it in its global context and visualize all the dots you connected: a BI software for marketing professionals will help you build professional business dashboards in no time, on which you can grasp in a glance the results of your efforts. It is important to have such dashboards at hand to show top-management the outcomes of your campaigns for them to understand their investments. But also for a potential future need of an internal buy-in: questions, actions, results, and decisions – everything is on your dashboard.


Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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