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Businesses today must manage and process large volumes of datasets and information. Techniques and procedures to collect, monitor, evaluate, and analyze their data has become a necessity for both large enterprises and small businesses. The need to make the right decision at the right moment, accomplish long-term goals, and establish a performance management practice that will ensure growth are important prerequisites for sustainable success. This is where visual analytics tools reveal their full capacity.

Visual analytics tools extract data from multiple sources by using modern technologies which enable to present information in a visual, interactive, and graphic manner. They help non-technical business professionals to easily identify trends and extract insights. Coupling analytical reasoning with useful visual resources, the science of online visual analytics becomes easy with a fully integrated and intuitive solution.

Professional visual analytics tools offer these critical benefits:

An interactive view of data: Revealing patterns behind voluminous, ambiguous and often contradictory data with interactive and visual presentations that offer additional analytical results and insights empower business users to become analysts on their own. Effective understanding, reasoning, and decision making are more precise since these tools enable people to interact with visualizations and discover the unexpected.
Visualization of data: The essence of these tools lies within the visualization of complex and large datasets. Display of data in clear, well-defined and graphical business dashboards ensures quick interpretation and ease of understanding. Facts and figures are communicated in a concise manner, offering visual context that human eye is processing on a much faster level, enabling quick consumption of information.
Data exploration: By using a professional tool it is more than efficient to analyze real-time data. Blending various data connectors into a centralized point of access ensures generating insights and ease of access to all business information. Quarterly updates don’t give instant feedback on a company’s performance, therefore, cannot provide the amount of insights needed at any given point of time. The continuous exploration of data, on the other hand, enables users to instantly identify variables which need further analysis.
More data in less time: Thousands of rows in a spreadsheet cannot cope with the responsiveness of a visual analytics tool. The speed and accuracy on which these tools perform the analysis is incomparable with the traditional forms of analysis. More data can be processed in a significantly less amount of time, which makes these tools an unparalleled force in the business world.

If you can visualize it, you can manage it.

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Turn data into insights through state-of-the-art visual analytics software

The amount of data collected and stored today has never been so tremendous. Files are accumulated in an amount so immense that scrolling through documents has become an every-day task for each employee of a company. Managers need speed and agility in today’s business environment, c-level executives need all business information on their fingertips, and employees need operational support to efficiently complete their tasks. Having the opportunity to visualize all that data in a stunning interactive dashboard ensures the growth of a business and improved communication between departments. Visual analysis is not just the process of implementing charts and graphs, but using intelligent software to enable and empower business users to generate insights and reduce the time needed to process business queries and tasks. Consequently, it creates a coherent business environment, surpassing the static analysis and reporting practice delivered by traditional means of data management.

Why visual? It’s fairly simple. Science has proved that humans process visual data on a much faster level than written information, and, especially today, speed is crucial. By having software that will accelerate the process of collecting, storage, sharing, monitoring, and analysis of data, especially through a visual manner, information becomes more accessible and decluttered.

Data visualization tools like datapine help individual business users to turn large sets of data into valuable insights that will support important operational processes and efficient decision-making throughout an organization. This kind of visual analytics software enables data processing in an optical manner, increasing the workflow speed by providing interactive graphs, intelligent data alerts and easy to use templates.

Concentrate on the bigger picture while you can use datapine’s visual analytics software to:

Turn raw data into interactive charts and graphs that support and enhance the decision-making and planning processes
Monitor data for the emergence of trends that warrant further scrutiny or changes to operational processes, strategies and procedures
Mine data to support rapid decision-making even under time pressure with no delay in data visualization due to load on IT resources
Use the reporting services, and with our visual analysis functionality, to enhance and aid communication according to your audience
Enhance decision-making by using the visual analysis features in our data analysis tools to focus on important metrics of your data and pull out key insights that may otherwise stay hidden in your large numerical datasets
Choose from various templates from our dashboard tool to create stunning visual representations of data, accessed from any device
Predict outcomes with powerful artificial intelligence features that enable users to identify trends and overcome business obstacles
Connect your data from various sources and databases, including flat files, marketing analytics, social media, CRM/ERP, and helpdesk


The all-in-one visual analysis software

Delivering powerful analytical functions at the click of a button, datapine’s insightful dashboard software fully supports advanced and complex decision making and analytical processes.

With datapine, you can experience the power of a visual analysis software without any SQL knowledge. In contrast to other online BI tools you may have tried before, datapine has made data analytics easy as never before using visual analytics. The user-friendly interface has been purposefully designed to enhance and enable the efficient creation of charts and graphs by employing an easy-to-use drag-and-drop methodology. Our visual dashboards enable you to explore and analyze data without a single line of code – as you drag-and-drop metrics on the interface datapine automatically builds the SQL code in the background.

The dashboards can be saved and shared and visually represented in data reports that can be sent to selected recipients on an automated interval of your choosing (daily, weekly or monthly). The result is a powerful, professional and practical way to structure, analyze and present KPIs without reliance on the IT department. Consequently, data visualization can be carried out as and when needed with secure online access that facilitates the use of data and visual analysis across multiple business units and between stakeholders of varying technical proficiency from interns to PHDs.

Access to datapine can be enjoyed wherever you are, at whatever time you find yourself in need of business insights. It can be viewed on a fixed or mobile device and communicated with any colleague in any other location at the click of a button. However close or spread out your team, each member can enjoy their own personal access to your data visualizations, enabling everyone to perform their tasks more effectively and efficiently than with most other visual analytics tools.

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but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualize it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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