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9 Examples of Financial Graphs And Charts You Can Use For Your Business

example of financial graphs for your business

The financial health, flow, and fluidity of your business will ultimately dictate its long-term success, which is why monitoring your money matters carefully, comprehensively, and accurately is absolutely essential.

In our data-driven digital age, ‘business intelligent’ organizations with the ability to collate, organize, and leverage the insights that are most valuable to their ongoing commercial goals are the ones that are destined to thrive in the long-term. Online data visualization is taking precedence in business operations, creating more efficient and faster work spaces.

That said, in a time where in less than two years, around 1.7 megabytes of new information will be generated per second for every single person on the planet, businesses looking to keep their financial affairs fluid need access to KPI dashboards equipped with financial graphs and charts that are digestible, accurate, and deliver the level of insight required to increase efficiency and stop potential pitfalls before they occur.


6 Case Studies on The Benefits of Business Intelligence And Analytics

Business Intelligence can bring great benefits to your business

Using business intelligence and analytics effectively is the crucial difference between companies that succeed and companies that fail in the modern environment. Why? Because things are changing and becoming more competitive in every sector of business, and the benefits of business intelligence and a proper use of data analytics is key to outperform competition.

For example, in regards to marketing, traditional advertising methods of spending large amounts of money on TV, radio, and print ads without measuring ROI aren’t working like they used to. Consumers have grown more and more immune to ads that aren’t targeted directly at them.

The companies that are most successful at marketing in both B2C and B2B are using data and research to craft hyper specific campaigns that reach out to targeted prospects with a curated message. Everything is being tested, and then the campaigns that succeed get more money put into them, while the others aren’t repeated. …


10 Great Dashboard Designs & Examples You Can Get Inspiration From

great dashboard designs for your KPI reports

The ability to monitor, visualize, and analyze relevant data gives today’s businesses, across a host of sectors, the power to understand their prospects, make informed decisions, increase efficiencies, and work towards a set of rewarding long term goals. Experts predict that in just five years, the number of smart connected devices on the planet will come close to 30 billion – all of which will generate data that can be shared, collected, and analyzed.

Now, with so much data available to today’s brands and businesses, to extract the every drop of value from an ever-growing raft of digital insights and set the kind of KPIs that will drive your venture forward, having an easy to use, visually-stunning dashboard is key. That said, there are a host of cool dashboard designs available today, and we’re going to introduce you to ten of the best, each hand-picked from our ever-growing selection of dashboard design examples. …


A Guide To The Methods, Benefits & Problems of The Interpretation of Data

Illustrating the art of data interpretation

Data analysis and interpretation have now taken center stage with the advent of the digital age… and the sheer amount of data can be frightening. In fact, a Digital Universe study found that the total data supply in 2012 was 2.8 trillion gigabytes! Based on that amount of data alone, it is clear the calling card of any successful enterprise in today’s global world will be the ability to analyze complex data, produce actionable insights and adapt to new market needs… all at the speed of thought.

Business dashboards are the digital age tools for big data. Capable of displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) for both quantitative and qualitative data analyses, they are ideal for making the fast-paced and data-driven market decisions that push today’s industry leaders to sustainable success. Through the art of streamlined visual communication, data dashboards permit businesses to engage in real-time and informed decision making, and are key instruments in data interpretation. First of all, let’s find a definition to understand what lies behind data interpretation meaning. …


BI Dashboard Best Practices And The Power Of Knowledge In The Digital Age

Discover our 6 BI dashboard best practices

If it is often said that knowledge is equal to power. While this statement cannot be universally applied (and in fact is somewhat cliché), it reflects an important truth regarding today’s digital world: consumer values are evolving.

Data is more readily available than ever before. Communication methods are changing. Success in today’s technology driven world directly correlates to the quantity and quality of information possessed… that of the client, the competitor and the market. Informed decision-making ultimately leads to greater access, opportunities and technological advancement. The difference between renewable success and ultimate failure is a fine line that most ambitious businesses are willing walk. Very often, the most important factor in determining success comes down to who engages in factual and informed decision making and who follows hunches and suppositions. …