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MRR: What It Is, Why Your SaaS Needs It, And How To Calculate It

Elements of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the power plant of any SaaS business. It’s what drives its growth and makes it stick out among other business models.  In subscription-based SaaS businesses you don’t have to worry about one-off sales that may or may not return. If you keep your competitive edge, the revenue will automatically return every month. This and other advantages of the SaaS model make increasing number of companies turn to services built on shared online infrastructure. A Research and Reports study reveals that the SaaS-Based enterprise application software market is forecasted to grow at CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate, that tells you what an investment yields on an annually compounded basis) of +17% by 2023. Concerning the emerging SaaS industry, it is estimated to generate $55 billion in 2018, and to grow to $76 billion by 2020.

We’ve already published a blog post on the top 5 SaaS KPIs every successful SaaS company needs to track to monitor its progress. Today we will focus on the most important of them. It is the truest form of visualizing the subscription cash coming into your business from your customers. In today’s post, we will explain what exactly the monthly recurring revenue is, and what aspects must be included in its calculation. Subsequently, we will warn you against the most common mistakes and give you a few hints on what can be done to improve your numbers. …


A Beginner’s Guide To Inventory Metrics And Best Practices

Invntory metrics & inventory management best practices for professionals

When we look at some facts and figures, we find out that for retail, inventory is accurate only 63% of the time on average, or that 88% of supply chain managers estimate that they could reduce inventory levels by more than 5% with improved processes and technology. These numbers draft out a troubling scenario: most of the inventory management professionals are aware that the situation and their work could be improved, and that software could help – but they are not yet sure how to make it happen.

It shows us once more how important setting up and tracking the inventory KPIs for your business is in order to evaluate and improve your performance. Collecting big amounts of data is not the only thing to do; knowing how to process, analyze and visualize the insights you gain from it is key. In order to make the best decisions that will positively impact your business‘ bottom line, you need to have the full scope of your data. In the matter, a data analysis and dashboard designer software is a precious ally. …


Everything You Need to Know About Procurement Reports

Find here everything you need to know about rocurement reports

It doesn’t matter how innovative your brand is or how groundbreaking your business model might be; if your business is ridden with glaring inefficiencies, your potential for growth is eventually going to get stunted.

In fact, an IDC study showed that over 80% of business leaders surveyed from sales, HR, procurement, and other departments agreed that issues arise because companies are equipped with different internal systems and applications that don’t ‘talk’ to one other. 43% of the surveyed staff also said they often have to copy and paste or rekey in information, thereby wasting time and hindering productivity. …


A Contemporary Guide To Customer Service Reports

customer service reports help in improving the productivity and performance of your business.

“There is only one boss. The customer.” – Sam Walton

According to experts, by 2020, customer experience will exceed both price and product as the world’s most critical brand differentiator. What’s more, one in three people will abandon the purchase of a product or service because they can’t find the information they need. That said, brands with the ability to build flawless customer experiences and offer exceptional standards of customer service stand to set themselves apart from their competitors in a notable way.

When it comes to customer service in particular, today’s digital consumer is very much in charge. Due to the hyperconnected, incredibly convenient, and instantaneous nature of the modern consumer world, and the amount of touchpoints on offer, maintaining excellent levels of customer service is the key to survival. …


Boost Your Business Performance Thanks To Modern IT Reports

photo of a woman working on an IT report

As in many other industries, the information technology faces an age-old issue of producing reports that actually enable and encourage success from the tidal wave of data. Reporting is certainly always relevant, but remains useless if one cannot gain actionable insights and interpret them against the state of performance sought by a business.

As a head of IT, you might very well have heard recurrently the question “How many support tickets did we get that month? How fast are they addressed?” to which you have to be able to answer – otherwise your capacity to effectively support the IT department of your company might be questionable.   IT reports are here to do just that: help you do your job efficiently, as well as opening new growth and improvement opportunities. In this article, we will go over the nature and role of IT reporting, the numerous benefits it brings, and finally provide some example to illustrate our subject. …