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Top 10 Analytics And Business Intelligence Trends For 2022

Business intelligence trends for 2022 by datapine

Over the past decade, business intelligence has been revolutionized. Data exploded and became big. And just like that, we all gained access to the cloud. Spreadsheets finally took a backseat to actionable and insightful data visualizations and interactive business dashboards. The rise of self-service analytics democratized the data product chain. Suddenly advanced analytics wasn’t just for the analysts.

2021 was a particularly major year for the business intelligence industry. The trends we presented last year will continue to play out through 2022. But the BI landscape is evolving and the future of business intelligence is played now, with emerging trends to keep an eye on. In 2022, BI tools and strategies will become increasingly customized. Businesses of all sizes are no longer asking if they need increased access to business intelligence analytics, but what is the best BI solution for their specific business.


Why Data Driven Decision Making is Your Path To Business Success

A complete guide by data driven decision making by datapine

We read about it everywhere. The term ‘big data’ alone has become something of a buzzword in recent times – and for good reason.

By leveraging the wealth of digital insights available at your fingertips and embracing the power of business intelligence, you can make informed decisions with confidence – the kind that will lead to commercial growth, evolution, and a healthier bottom line.


Utilize The Effectiveness Of Professional Executive Dashboards & Reports

Executive dashboards and reports by datapine

In the digital age, brands, businesses, and organizations have a wealth of information at their fingertips: a level of insight that, if harnessed the right way, has the power to offer a real competitive edge while sparking innovation, inspiration, and creating an ever-evolving, well-oiled commercial machine. Executive dashboards and reporting make this level of competitive advantage possible and provide business-boosting benefits across the board. But how so?

We are indeed living in a time rich in invaluable digital data. By gaining the ability to gather, organize and analyze the metrics that are most important to your organization, you stand to make your business empire more intelligent than ever before – and executive reporting and business dashboards will help you do just that.


Top Business Intelligence Features To Boost Your Business Performance

Business intelligence software features blog by datapine

For a few years now, Business Intelligence (BI) has helped companies to collect, analyze, monitor, and present their data in an efficient way to extract actionable insights that will ensure sustainable growth. With this industry having its boom in the past decade, the offer of new solutions with different features has grown exponentially making the market as competitive as ever.

In fact, it is expected that by 2025, the BI market will grow to $33.3 billion, paired with the fact that 33% of large-sized businesses will practice decision intelligence by 2023. And not just that, with COVID-19 and remote work now being a permanent business practice, the need for more intuitive platforms that will facilitate teamwork has become critical.