Prepare Your CSV File


Before you connect or import a CSV file to datapine you should make sure that the structure of your file is conform to the following requirements.


CSV File Structure


1) Your file should be in a clear table format. See the example below.




2) Please ensure that values in each row are separated by comma (,), semi-colon (;) or tab character.


3) Text values need to be quoted with single or double quotes if they contain separator characters e.g. if the separator is “,” : “Berlin, Germany”.


4) In case you have connected a CSV remotely, you can always add new columns to the structure of the file to the right. Please make sure not to change the order or the names of the columns you have already imported.



Data Types


The data types of the columns will be detected automatically. However, if needed you can change them manually.


1) Text Values

The maximum length for text values is 255 characters. Text values lager then this will be shortened.


2) Numbers

Numbers including symbols such as percentages or currencies will be treated and recognized as normal numbers. You will later have the possibility to add the symbol next to the value.


3) Decimals

You may use points or comas as decimal separators.


4) Date

datapine will detect all valid date formats. However, when connecting a file via URL it is important that you always use the same date format.


5) Timestamps (second or millisecond)

You can use a timestamp field but as those will be recognized as numbers you will need to manually define the timestamp data type for these columns.





The first row in your CSV should contain the column headers. Column headers are optional for CSV files uploaded directly to datapine, but are required for remote CSVs from cloud storage services. No multi-row headers.


1) Headers should have a maximum length of 64 characters.


2) Do not use any separators in the column names.



Totals and other Information


Make sure that your file doesn’t include any additional information besides the header row and the corresponding values below. Many tools or services include descriptive lines of text (or totals) in the first or last rows – Please delete these manually before starting the upload.



File Size


In case of a CSV upload, the file size is limited to 256MB.  If your file exceeds this size please contact us at to discuss other options on how to connect this file to datapine.