Dashboard Cover

If you have access to many different dashboards it often gets hard to keep track of all your dashboards. This is also the case for the viewers with whom you’ve shared your dashboards. For them it should be easy to find the information that they were looking for by quickly identifying the dashboards they need to access. Using cover images for your dashboards, rather than pure titles, helps you to visually identify the dashboards you wish to access. In datapine, you can use any standard image format as dashboard cover.



5-step guide on how to upload a dashboard cover


  1. Enter the dashboard overview with a click on Dashboard in the upper navigation bar.
  2. In the dashboard overview, add a new cover image with a click on Choose Cover in the lower right corner of the dashboard folder to which you would like to add the cover to.
  3. This opens the Image Upload menu, where all your workspace images are stored. If you have not added any images yet or would like to use a different image that has not been previously uploaded click Upload image. Choose and upload an image from your local instance.
  4. Now, mark the checkbox of your preferred cover image.
  5. Confim your selection by clicking Apply.

Your uploaded image will now be shown as cover image.


how to add a cover to a dashboard in datapine