Datasource Structure & Selection

The data source structure is where you will find the tables and fields from your data sources to build your charts and calculations. All of your connected data sources will appear in the drop down menu on top of the data sources structure.


Access a data source in the Chart Creator


  1. To select a data source click on the drop down menu on top of the left panel of the Chart Creator.
  2. From the list of data sources choose the one you wish to use to build your charts.
  3. This will display all tables related to the respective data source below.
  4. To display all the fields in a table, click on the table name to populate the list of fields below. You can now drag and drop these fields into Measures and Dimensions on the right or into the SQL Box to build your charts.



 Field Types in the data source structure



The fields in your data source structure will be categorized as number, date, text or boolean values. The icon next to the field’s name tells you which type this field  belongs to. The data type of your field will be defined in the data connection setup and determines how you can use this data in your analysis. If one of the fields is displayed in a wrong format, please click here to learn how to change the data type for a database field or click here to see how to change the defined data type for a flat file column.





Search for fields and tables in your data schema


Through the Search Field on top of the data sources structure it’s easy to locate fields and tables in your data sources.


  1. From the drop down at the top of the data sources structure, select a data source.
  2. In the search field below the dropdown menu, type in the name of the tables or fields you are looking for. The schema of your data source will be filtered by the characters that you have entered into the search box and automatically limit the number of fields displayed below.