Mobile Dashboard Usage Tips



Once you have designed and setup your dashboard for mobile mode, you can then access your dashboard on a mobile device.


Let us guide you through the datapine mobile App.




Dashboard Overview



On a mobile device access via your browser or through the datapine app and proceed to log in to your datapine account.


The first screen that you’ll see is the dashboard overview. Here you can see all your current dashboards that have the mobile mode enabled (dashboards where you have not pinned anything to the mobile template will not appear on your mobile device). To learn how to create a mobile version of your dashboard, click on the link.


Your dashboards will be ordered alphabetically by default. If you would like to keep specific dashboards at the top of your overview screen, touch the grey heart in the upper right corner of the dashboard tile. The heart will turn red and the dashboard will be placed at the top of your list of dashboards. To enter a dashboard simply select the dashboard from the dashboard list.


How to open a dashboard in mobile mode


At the top of your dashboard you will see the upper toolbar, here you can see the tab title and the time picker. Below, across the majority of the screen, you will see your dashboard elements which you can scroll through. The lower toolbar along the bottom of the screen contains the Filter, Fullscreen, and Send functions.




Upper Dashboard Toolbar



In the upper toolbar in the mobile mode the title of current dashboard tab is displayed. The leftwards arrow on the left side of the upper toolbar (the return key) takes you back to the dashboard overview.

To refresh the data on your dashboard, press the refresh icon on the right-hand side of the upper toolbar.


Explanation of functions in upper toolbar in mobile mode




Time Picker



Below the tab title the preassigned time frames of the Time Picker will be displayed. For the time picker to be visible it must already be activated in the desktop version. You can easily switch between the time frames by simply tapping on the title of the time frame that you would like displayed. Your mobile dashboard will then display your data in adherence to that particular time frame.


Explanation of time picker in mobile mode







You will find the list of filters by clicking on the filter icon in the lower toolbar. Activate or Deactivate them by using the toggle. When a filter is active, the toggle will be blue and when deactivated the toggle will be greyed out.



How to get to filter overview in mobile mode



Click on the filter to see the values of that specific filter, you can then select or deselect any values that you do not wish to be included in your filter. When you are finished, click the APPLY button to save your changes.


How to apply filter in mobile mode


To return to the filter list touch the leftwards arrow, touch it once more to return to the filtered dashboard.




Fullscreen Mode



To enter the full-screen mode, touch the full-screen icon on the lower toolbar of the dashboard. The charts will now be displayed individually on your screen. Scroll through your charts by swiping left and right, or by using the arrows on the left and right-hand side.


How to open fullscreen in mobile mode




Send Mobile Mode Dashboard



To share your dashboard with others, head to the Send section by touching the following icon. Type in the email-addresses of the recipients, and the subject. By default, this will be the title of the tab and dashboard. You also have the option of adding a message to your recipients. Finally choose the type of file for the attached dashboard, this can be an Excel, CSV, PNG or PDF. When you are finished tap SEND.


How to send a mobile dashboard by mail







Drill downs and quick filters (Click-To-Filter) are also available on the mobile version of your dashboards. For quick filtering, tap once on the desired data series.


When you enable a quick filter, it will appear in an extra field at the bottom of your dashboard in a white toolbar. You can easily deactivate the quick filter by clicking on the cross, the dashboard will then return to it’s original state.


How to use click to filter in mobile mode


To view a drilldown double tap on the chart where the drilldown has been added. The drilldown will then be displayed in full-screen mode. To return to the dashboard, tap the cross in the upper right corner of the drilldown



Please note that the chart must have the filters enabled on the desktop version of your dashboard for you to use quick filters on a mobile dashboard. Quick filters and drilldowns cannot be added in the mobile version. To learn how to do enable quick filters on your dashboard click on the link.