JWT Generation

A JWT (JASON Web Token) is basically a JSON object, signed via a Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC). Here’s an example of how a JWT looks like, you can use the website


JWT Example


In the headers we just need to indicate the type of the token, JWT in this case and the encryption algorithm HS256.


In the payload these 4 attributes are mandatory:



"iss": "anyName",            //can be your organization name

"jti": "uniqueIdentifier",   //any id

"aud": "",                   //must present and empty

"sub": ""   //user who is going to log in



This is how it looks after encryption:




In order to generate a valid JWT, we suggest using one of the opensource libraries available at They are provided for free and for multiple programming languages.


To see a sample integration project in Java, please navigate to this public repository: