Font Type & Size

In the Global Style Options menu, you can define a unique set of font types and styles that will be applied to all textboxes, chart titles, data labels and axis titles on your dashboard. The font settings appear in the upper right section of the Global Style Options.


Access the Global Style Options Menu with a click on Appearance on the dashboard tool bar and then select Global Style Options from the dropdown menu.


In the Global Style Options Menu, you will have the following options to edit the global Font Types & Sizes.


  1. Select a global Font Type at the top of the global style options. The selected font will be applied to all your texts, whether chart or axis titles, numbers, legends or textboxes.
  2. Apply Font Styles such as bold, italic and underscores.  Therefore, choose the element to which you wish to apply these settings – in the screen shot below we’ve chosen the Axis Titles. Then click on to the font styles to activate them.
  3. Change the Font Size. Therefore, chose the font size you want to apply out of the dropdown bar in the middle column.
  4. Don’t forget to apply the changes you have made in the Global Style Options.

how to changes font types on a dashbord in datapine with global style options