Move Dashboard To Project Explorer

In the My Desk section, you can easily organize your folders and dashboards. The MyDesk area thereby provides you with an overview of all your dashboards and charts. By clicking on one of the dashboards on the left, all its charts will be listed to the right. Here, you can also see when a chart was last edited and who has created it. In this overview mode, you may also delete charts or rename them.


how to move a dashboard step 1


All dashboards in projects will be hidden from viewers and other users. This is where you can store dashboards without deleting them. If you wish to move a dashboard to MyDesk follow these few steps below.


  1. Click on My Desk on the upper navigation bar.
  2. Then, just drag and drop the desired dashboard to the My Projects lists.

how to move a dashboard step 2


You now find the selected dashboard in your My Projects lists. By clicking on the gear icon beside the listed dashboard, you are able to rename, duplicate and delete the dashboard.


how to move a dashboard step 3


By Clicking on the listed dashboard name, again a listing of the created charts of the dashboard will be shown. You are again able to delete, rename, edit and enlarge each chart in this section.


Be aware that the dashboard you have moved to My Projects won’t show up at the Dashboard Overview section anymore. But it will still be listed if you click on the arrow pointing down beside Dashboard on the upper navigation bar.