Deactivate Alert

In datapine, you may temporarily deactivate alerts without deleting them permanently. Here is how to deactivate an alert.


1) Access the Alarm section, with a click on Alarms in the upper navigation panel.


2) On the Alarm page, you will see a list of all active and deactivated alerts on the left.


icon for an active alert in datapine  Alerts with a bright green toggle are currently active and you will receive email alerts for these metrics.


icon for an deactivated alert in datapine Alerts with a grey toggle have been deactivated. You will not receive any email alerts for these alarms.


icon for an alert which is not finalized yet Alerts with a pale green toggle are not finalized yet and you won’t receive any alert emails for these types of alerts.


3) To deactivate or activate an alert, just trigger the toggle. The status of the alarm will then be changed. To activate a not yet finalized alert, simply finish the alert setup for this alarm.