Color Palette

The color palette in datapine provides you with a handful of predefined colors. However, you may also customize the palette to fit it to your preferences. Here is how to setup your own customized color palette in datapine.


a) Enter a workspace of your choice by using the Dashboard mouseover function or by clicking on it and selecting the desired dashboard in the dashboard overview.


b) Activate the Edit mode with a click on the respective button in the right upper corner of the dashboard’s  tool bar.


c) Open the Appearence dropdown on the second dashboard toolbar and then select Style Options from the dropdown to open the Global Style options menu.


d) Access the Color Picker with aclick on any of the color fields.


1) In the Color Picker you will find a predefined color palette on the left.


2) To define your own color use the color modulator on the right to select a particular color horizon and specify this selection in the color area on the left


3) You can also paste or type a HEX code into the textbox below the color area to select a specifc color


4) Then select an empty placeholder on the left to add this color to it


5) Now, click the Add button next to the HEX-Code box to assign your custom color to the respective placeholder.


6) Confirm your modification with a  click on Apply.


how to use the color picker in datapine


Note: You can access these custom colors in both tools, the Analyzer and the Dashboard.