Add Link To Tab

datapine offers a variety of interactive options to enhance your data with even more information to create complete and insightful dashboards that help you to answer all your business questions. Therefore, you can add links to the charts on your dashboard that will redirect the viewer to another dashboard tab. This tutorial will guide you on how to add a link to another tab to your charts in a few easy steps.


  1. In your Dashboard Tab, enable the Edit mode by clicking on Edit in the upper right corner of your dashboard.
  2. A gear wheel icon will appear in the upper right corner when hovering over the chart, textbox or image that you would like to add a link to. Click on the wheel to edit.
  3. From the Options drop-down menu, select Interactive Options and then click on Add Link.


how to set a link on a dashboard


  1. In the Add a link to this element popup you may now either link to another tab of your dashboard or to an external URL. To add a link to another dashboard tab, click the button next to this options.
  2. Then select a Tab in the dropdown menu.


how to set a link to another tab on a dashboard in datapine


  1. Finally, click on Save to exit and add the desired link to your chart.

Note: Links do only work in View mode. To get back to the View mode click on the Done icon in the top right corner of your dashboard tab.