Viewer Group Dashboard Sharing

In datapine, you can share your dashboards with whole groups of viewers at once. Setting up teams that share a set of permissions in datapine lets you manage your dashboards and reports much faster and easier. Thereby you may create teams for different departments or groups of clients and stay in full control of what information you are sharing with these people.


Review Group Shared Dashboards


To see which dashboards are shared with a group of Viewers access the Viewer page under Settings.


how to see dashboards which are shared with a group of dashboard viewers


  1. Then mouse over the group you wish to review and click on to the three blue dots on the right side of the group.
  2. In the drop-down, click on See Shared Dashboards.
  3. This will display the dashboards shared with this group in a drop down below.


Share Dashboard with a Group of Viewers


To share your dashboard with a team, access the dashboard you wish to share.


how to share a dashboard with a group of dashboard viewers in datapine


  1. In your Dashboard, click on Share on the Dashboard tool bar.
  2. In the Share Dashboard popup, select the header Dashboard Viewers.
  3. Then type the group’s name in to the search box and add it to the box below.
  4. Click on Save to update the access rights. All team members of this group can now access this dashboard.