Share With A Viewer

Other than Users, Viewers have only viewing rights for your dashboard. They cannot edit or change any content on the dashboard but can use the filters that you have set up to manipulate the data displayed to them and interact with the charts and graphs. Here is how to share a dashboard with a viewer.


In your Dashboard, access the Sharing options with a click on Share in the right upper corner of the dashboard tool bar.


how to share a dashboard with a viewer


  1. On the Share Dashboard popup, click on Viewers to enter the Dashboard Viewers section.
  2. You can now either add individual Viewers to your dashboard or Groups of viewer that you have previously defined in the setting section for your account. Just simply start typing the viewers name, email or the group that he belongs to into the text field to display the available options and then click on the viewer or group name that you would like to add.
  3. All viewers and groups that have access to your dashboard will appear in the list below.
  4. Then click on Save to populate the changes to your dashboard.

Tip: In datapine you have the option to bulk upload viewers and automatically assign them to your dashboards. Please click here for more information.