Edit Widgets

Just like all chart types in datapine you can also edit widgets in terms of size, position and in case of textboxes also in terms of style. Follow the instructions below to learn how to edit widgets in datapine.


Resize and Move Widgets


All types of widgets can be resized just like charts.


  1. Enable the Edit mode of your dashboard.
  2. Then simply click on to the element that you wish to resize and drag it’s higlighted borders up, right, left or down to bring it to the required size.
  3. To move the widget to a new position, click on to the image, textbox or line and drag it to the preffered location on your dashboard.

Edit Textboxes


Other than images and lines, textboxes can be fully adjusted in terms of color, font size and style. See below to learn how to style your textboxes using the Text Appearance Options.


  1. To access the Text Appearance Options enable the dashboard edit mode and then click on the gear wheel icon that appears when you hold your mouse on to the textbox that you would like to edit.
  2. In the Textboy Options drop down, select Appearance…

In the Text Appearance Options popup you will now have the option to choose a font type, size and style as well as the text allignement of the textbox. You can also apply a font color as well as a background and border color.


text appereance options on a dashboard in datapine


You will also have the option to apply your settings to all textboxes on your dashboard. Once your are done defining the text appearance options tick the checkbox next to Apply globally and then click Apply. This will populate your style options to all textboxes on your dashboard. You may also use this template as default style for your textboxes on the dashboard. Just select Set as default before you hit the apply button.