Update Account Information

As an Admin, you can access and update the account information of your datapine account at any time. This might be necessary if the Admin’s email address has changed or if you wish to set a new password for the account. Here is quick guide on how to access and update your datapine account details.


how to update your account information in datapine


  1. After login into your datapine account, access the settings section with a click on Settings.
  2. Then click on Account in the upper panel to access your account information.

In the Account Information section, you may now change the account’s email, name of the default admin, time zone or set a new password. Please note that you must apply all changes that you’ve made in the account information before they become effective.

In the account information, you can also activate the Duplication Wizard. When working with datapine this function helps you to detect possible situations in which a duplication of the result sets might occur due to joining data from multiple tables. Please click here for more information on our Duplication Wizard.