Set Refresh Interval



Note: Tab refreshing intervals only apply to charts with underlying data that gets continously updated. Please also keep in mind that the consistency of your data pulled from remotely connected CSV’s or databases that are stored in our data warehouse will not only depend on the refresh interval of  your dashboard tab but also on the updating interval that you have defined in the settings area of your data connection.


Using the tab refresh interval selector, you can determine how often a dashboard tab will be automatically pulling data from the underlying data sources into your dashboard. The update interval of your dashboards may range from every 5 minutes up to every 24 hours.


You can set a global refresh interval right when you create a dashboard but change the individual tab refresh intervals at any given time. The instructions below will show you where to find the tab refresh interval selector on a dashboard and how to select the right interval.


1. Open your dashboard with a click on the dashboard folder.


2. In your dashboard, enable the Edit mode with a click on the Edit icon in the right upper corner of your dashboard.


3. In the dashboard toolbar, click on the Appearance icon and select Set Refresh Interval… from the dropdown menu.


How to set the refresh interval of a Tab



In the Tab Refresh Interval pop up, you can now choose a time interval from the dropdown menu and apply the new setting to the dashboard.


Please note, it is recommended to carefully choose an update interval that balances your needs in terms of the topicality of your data and the performance of your underlying data source. If your dashboard is experiencing loading problems, you might want to choose a larger update interval to allow the dashboard to be loaded from cache more often and reduce the stress to your database.