Set Refresh Interval

Note: Tab refreshing intervals only apply to charts with underlying data from Google Analytics, Facebook, remotely connected databases and CSV files connected via URL. Please also keep in mind that the data from remotely connected CSV’s will refresh based on the CSV updating interval you have chosen in the settings area.


In datapine, you can define a refreshing interval for your dashboards that determines when and how often the dashboard will be automatically updated. The automated refreshing interval of your dashboards can go from Every 24 hours up to Every 5 minutes. To increase the loading speed you might also want to set the refreshing interval of your dashboards to Never if they do not necessarily need to be updated on a continuous basis.


how to set the refresh interval on a dashboard in datapine


  1. Open your dashboard with a click on the dashboard folder.
  2. In your dashboard, enable the Edit mode with a click on the Edit icon in the right upper corner of your dashboard.
  3. In the dashboard tool bar, click on the Appearance icon and select Set Refresh Interval… from the dropdown menu.

In the Tab Refresh Interval pop up, you can now choose a time interval from the dropdown menu and apply the new setting to the dashboard.