Create Chart Using Metric

A customized field is treated like any other field in datapine. You can easily create charts and graphs by using these metrics in combination with other fields from your data sources. Please follow the steps below to learn how to create a chart using a customized field.


how to create a chart with datapine's metric builder


Access your metrics


Regardless of the used data source, you find all customized fields in the Metrics folder. This folder contains all metric sub-folders you have created and the respective customized fields.


  1. In the Chart Creator, click on the drop down menu on top of the data source structure.
  2. Then select metrics from the drop down.
  3. To display your metrics click on the respective folders name.


Use a metric to create a chart


A metric can only be added to Measures but may be combined with any other field from a linked data source.


  1. Access the Metrics folder in your data sources structure and add a customized field to Measures.
  2. Then open the data source used to create the metric from the dropdown and add additional fields to the Measures & Dimensions.
  3. You may now edit and style your chart. Finally save it to your desired location.

animation showing how to create a chart with datpaine's metric builder