Create Chart Using Metric



A customized field is treated like any other field in datapine. You can easily create charts and graphs by using these metrics in combination with other fields from your data sources. Please follow the steps below to learn how to create a chart using a customized field.



Access your metrics


Regardless of the used data source, you find all customized fields in the Custom Fields folder. This folder contains all sub-folders you have created and the respective customized fields.


  1. In the Analyzer, click on the drop down menu on top of the data source structure.
  2. Then select ‘Custom Fields’ from the drop down.
  3. To display your metrics click on the respective folders name.

Where to find the calculated fields in datapine



Use a metric to create a chart


  1. Access the custom fields folder in you data source structure and add a customized field to the chart fields of the Analyzer.
  2. Then open the data sources joined with the fields used in the metric from the dropdown and add additional fields to Measures & Dimensions.
  3. You may now edit and style your chart. Finally save it to your desired location.


How to create a chart using calculated fields



Useful tips:


There are two options to define the aggregation type for your custom field.


  1. You can preset an aggregation type in the Metric Builder using one of the aggregation functions available from the Functions section, e.g. SUM or COUNT. If you do so, you cannot change the aggregation type later on when building charts with this metric.
  2. If you don’t use an aggregation function when building your metric, after adding your customized field to your chart, a fly-out will open where you can select the aggregation type – Just like with any other field from your data source.