Data Warehouse vs Remote Connection


datapine offers two different storage options for your data: remote connection or data warehouse. You can select the preferred storage location in the data connection setup and of course change these settings at any time. Here is how a remote connection differs from transferring data to our data warehouse.


1) Remote Connection


With this option, you will keep all data on your server and access it via a remote connection. There will be no data storage on our side and changes in your data will be reflected in datapine right away. We also make sure that no redundant queries are run, while your database stays as little penetrated as possible.


Please keep in mind that in case of a remote connection you will rely on the speed and capacities of your own servers when querying your data. As datapine enables you to create complex queries this might lead to longer waiting times and we cannot guarantee that your server supports these performance-intensive requests. However, before any major operation, the speed of your database and the requests amount sent are automatically checked, in order to be sure not to overload your server.


2) Data Warehouse


Choosing this option, your analytical data will be cloned and stored in our internal data warehouse. Your data will be automatically updated every 24 hours to make sure it’s always up-to-date when you work on your dashboards, and so that you can always readjust accordingly to changing business needs. It is a good choice to connect to our in-memory data warehouse, as we created our storage solution ourselves so as to have a faster and more efficient database, able to manage large amounts of data. Your querying speed will be boosted as we have the power of multiple high-speed servers, and at the same time your server will be relieved from external requests.


Indeed, when you connect your data sources to datapine, transfer and harmonization are taken care of and structure remains intact: that is why we would recommend you to transfer your data to our warehouse. Additionally, storing your data in our warehouse enables you to run cross-database queries so that you can link your database to other data sources like Google Analytics, Facebook and other files.