Edit Time Filter


The time filter is a default filter included on every dashboard tab. The time filter only affects charts that have a time field included either in one of the dimensions or in the FILTER BY section in the analyzer. The time filter cannot be removed from the datapine dashboard, but you can turn off and hide the time filter or even exclude individual charts from being affected by the time filter.



Access the Time Filter Edit Mode



  1. In your dashboard tab, open the dashboard filter panel and click on the SHOW FILTER button in the dashboard toolbar.

How to show the filter panel in datapine

  1. Then enable the edit mode of the dashboard by clicking on the EDIT button in the right corner of your tab.
  1. Click on the pen icon that appears when you hover your mouse over the Time Filter.



Edit Time Filter


In the EDIT ACTIVE TIME FIELDS pop-up, you can edit all active time fields and decide which charts should be affected by the time filter and which should be excluded.


  1. On the left, you will find an overview of all the charts on your dashboard tab.
  1. On the right, you will see the chart’s individual time fields and the data source the date field comes from. A ticked checkbox next to the time field indicates that the chart is affected by the time filter period selection on the dashboard. An unchecked checkbox indicates that the time filter does affect this chart.
  1. You can also decide whether you would like to display future date options or only past date values by clicking the checkbox.
  1. You also have the option of applying your selection to all your dashboard tabs. Do this by clicking on the Apply to all tabs checkbox.
  1. Click the APPLY button to apply any changes that you have made to the time filter.


How to edit the active time fields of a time filter in a datapine dashboard



Hide Time Filter


In the EDIT ACTIVE TIME FIELDS pop-up, you can also hide the time filter from viewers.



  1. Open the time filter by clicking the pen icon that appears when you hover over the time filter.
  1. At the bottom of the pop-up select the Hide Filter checkbox. When the checkbox is checked this means that the time filter will only be visible in the edit mode.
  1. Click the APPLY button to save any changes you have made

How to hide active time fields in a time filter



With the Hide Filter checkbox active, the time filter will not be visible when you have left the edit mode.


Datapine can also teach you how to create time filters with a dynamic range or static range!