Filter Customizations

You can customize how the filters behave for a user authenticated via SSO. The important thing to know is that a filter already needs to exist on the dashboard, created within the datapine application. It can be applied to all user types except admin. Every existing dashboard filter will have a name and we will use that to reference it in the JWT. See the following example:



"filters": [{

"name": "Country",

"values": [ "Germany", "France" ], "visible": true




Below you find some short explanations for the included properties in this example:


filters:​ Is an array containing the customizations to apply to each filter.


name: ​Is the name of the filter (case insensitive).


values: ​Refers to the set of values that will be applied to such filter. Remember that admins might have explicitly excluded/hidden certain values as selectable filter options. Those values will be automatically excluded/hidden as well in SSO sessions.


visible: It ​controls whether the filter will be visible and modifiable by the user or hidden.


The filter customization works across dashboards. In other words, if two or more dashboards have a filter named “Country”, then the configuration defined in the JWT will be applied for all of them.