Data Extraction Assistant


When you stored your data in our Data Warehouse, you can always optimize the transfer process by using our Data Extraction Assistant. By updating only the new and relevant rows we can reduce the time of the extraction process significantly.


  1. Go to the Connect page.
  2. Open the editmode for the database that you wish to optimize, by clicking on the ‘Edit’ Button of the database panel.
  3. Skip the other Database Connection steps and go to the ‘Data Transfer’ Page.
  4. You can access the Data Extraction Assistant by clicking on the link ‘Data Extraction Assistant’.

How to open the data extraction assistent



When setting up the Data Extraction Assistant it is important to find the right method for your type of database. Therefore you will be asked to answer a couple of questions that help us to find the optimal method for you. Please answer them to the best of your knowledge.


There are two different initial situations.


  1. You already have a column in your table that contains the date when a row was updated for the last time.

In this case we ask you to provide the relevant column and identify the new/updated rows through it. The Delta Update is applied and we can optimize the Extraction time for you.


  1. You don’t have a Date column with the last Update time or you delete rows physically in your database.

In this case we provide you with a short script that is required to run on your database server. It creates a table that will keep track of all new and updated rows in your database and thereby allow us to identify the new/updated rows. The next time the extraction is running the Delta Update is applied.